Sunday, October 16, 2011

fixated on fall.
We're well into October, baby L's first fall, and it's making me think, i want him to KNOW true fall. I want him to experience leaves changing colors. Leaves falling. Diving into piles of said leaves. Pumpkin patches! Heck, growing your own pumpkins... jacket weather. Apple picking. Hot apple cider. Hay rides!

Ah, some day... for now, we'll just take him to Oktoberfest, on semi-cool 78 degree evening walks, dress him in a Halloween costume that doesn't make him overheat. Surround him in baby pumpkins and Indian corn imported from some place else... ;-) There will be changing leaves and chilly weather falls for Liam, I vow right now to make that happen, as it did for me as a child. But for now, baby L is the cutest, most fabulous little pumpkin a girl could ask for... What are your fall traditions? How do you immerse yourself in the season? Both here in South Florida and elsewhere. Do tell... In the mean time, Happy Autumn!

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