Wednesday, October 19, 2011

hey ladies!
L's first outfit post
this look kinda just came together this morning. when mommy go out of the shower i was wearing this hoodie, yeah, with nothing underneath. hot. oh, and i slept in these socks. she took me downstairs to change my diaper & saw the cargos peering up at her from a pile of clean laundry & voila! i'm rocking it.

hoodie: a hand-me-down from a girl! but, who cares, i feel like a beastie boy! (mom cut the little heart charm off it so it looked less girly)
cargos: a present from my aunt olga, she rocks. they're knit so they're cozy. what should i put in my cargo pockets?
fake-shoes socks: mom found in my sock bin, i'll probably lose at least one of them by the end of the day.

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