Thursday, October 20, 2011

we're gonna paint!

the day is just too damn short! what a crazy time warp motherhood is. feeding, changing, soothing, baby from morning to night without getting much else in is still the norm around here. i fight to get cool things in like i did on this brilliant afternoon...

i laid out my supplies the night before, which included:
-four tubes of washable finger paint (red, blue, green and yellow)
-paper especially made to handle paint
-a thick paper plate to squeeze out the paint onto
-a brown paper grocery bag, deconstructed to cover the table
-a roll of paper towels

then, once baby was decently rested and much more importantly, happily fed, i stripped him down to his diaper, quickly squirted out gorgeous globs of color on the paper plate, then snatched him out of his bumbo chair and plopped him on my lap.

the first few goes of color application onto the clean white page were gently forced, but eventually i could tell L liked or was at least fascinated by the feel of paint on his hands.
he also began to pay attention to the bright color, and YAY! we got a few smiles out of the whole experience, as well as some cute little babbling!

finger painting with L will only get better as he grows, so i can't wait until time affords us another chance to bust out the colors and go for it! i'm going to continue to do things like this with him every single chance i get, who knows what i'll come up with next. but in the meantime, we have such a cool little piece of artwork and well, a little piece of history to frame and hang!

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  1. LOOOOVE this! you are such an awesome Mommy!!!!