Thursday, October 20, 2011

reading to L

am striving to make reading to liam a daily thing. i recently read that it matters not what you read to baby subject/content wise at this stage. what matters is the way in which they hear your voice change upon uttering certain words and ideas. that you ARE reading out loud to them at all.
any & all interactions with baby are stimulating. +making a fab habit of daily reading, super early in your wee one's life can only be awesome. they'll be used to listening as they grow, used to that enriching bonding time. liam already focuses in.

in the photo above i was reading 'the family book' to him in his pediatrician's office as we waited for his dr. however i've been known to read to him from marie claire...
hey, speaking of fashion, have you checked out my recent #SAHM (stay at home mom) look on sunlovey forever? it's comfy without being frumpy, check it.

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