Saturday, May 14, 2011

liam goes utterly WILD for constant bubbly laughter from the masses.
just saw bridesmaids & i think it's safe to say i have new internal bruises.
also that he has found new places to kick and punch me.
worry not, i am OK. not complaining per se.
in fact i'm simply fascinated that comedy got him that riled up.
& i so look forward to seeing HIM laugh. to him making ME laugh.
L is for liam.
L is for laughter.
L is for love.


  1. I love Liam so much already, how fantastic. It seems he already has one hell of a personality! With you both as parents, I couldn't imagine anything less! Excitement is building!

  2. Ha! Glad to hear you (3) had a fun night out at the movies. Are you still taking it easy?

  3. i thought it was crazy he reacted SO much to laughter like that. liam loves his aunt cheech too.

    jamey, i had to kind of drag tim to bridesmaids but he laughed harder than i did. beach walks yesterday and today. not too easy... hate taking it easy. ;-)