Wednesday, May 18, 2011

so yeah, getting out of das auto's bucket seats is a b@#!h.
as is getting out of bed. as if that weren't hard already.
have gotten giggled at for both recently by a certain german who will remain unnamed. hmm...
i literally keep running into things WITH my stomach as my depth perception is jacked, no joke. obviously not used to having this hard tummy sticking out getting in the way of all. GOD HELP ME.
got prescribed a heavy-duty iron pill this week too, as the person within the bump has decided to soak up all the iron i intake for himself. smart kid.
but as a result, i'm dragging @$$.
i AM still working out, albeit, light cardio. nevertheless it feels great and i'll do it until i can't.
this week's food focus has been high volumes of fruit and vegetables in forms that don't bore me to death. this includes pie and frozen yogurt shakes. ;-)
a girl absolutely deserves some form of reward when she's growing a mass in her stomach already. yes, yes! a cute, cuddly mass. :-)

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