Friday, May 13, 2011

the last 24 hours haven't been my fave in this interesting little journey.
hiccups happen, and the internet and stick-to-the-script-legal-action-fearing on-call doctors are by no means helpful in such cases.

yesterday afternoon a friend and i were discussing going for pedicures together next week, i happened to look down at my toes and gasped, not at my toes in need of a nice spa treatment but at my puffed up left ankle. yep, swollen ankles during pregnancy are normal. but, one swollen ankle kind of isn't.

fortunately it's the end of the day when i notice this so i drive home sans shoes, then hit the couch the moment i reach my house and get my feet elevated. then, the online search ensues and i'm almost convinced that i'm either experiencing preeclampsia or a blood clot. neither of which sound so lovely. i scold myself for consulting the web. my mom calls, and genuinely puts me at ease, but, i decide to, just as a precaution, call my dr. and have them assure me all is well too. i tell myself this will be my ticket to a good night sleep.
YEAH. RIGHT. i have the on-call dr paged, she calls me back with an attitude right out of the gate. AND i feel like i'm talking to someone reading from a script, or an automated voice.

she repeats what i tell her verbatim, then says, "well since your doctor's office is closed my best advice is to go to the ER." "the ER?! really? i mean i'm not in pain, and my foot is normal colored, doesn't look like a balloon and i'm keeping it elevated, you don't think waiting until the morning to feel things out would be OK?" "Legally speaking, I'm telling you that since your doctor's office is closed you should go to the ER." -You said that already.- "Great OK, thanks for your help." click.

i'm not going to the ER. i keep my foot elevated for the remainder of the night. avoid sodium, stay hydrated. then go to bed, where i experience a hellacious night sleep. thanks computerized dr. foot/ankle look quite a bit better this a.m. i wear flip flops (with a wedge heel, mind you) to work. and call my REAL dr. right when i get there. her office tells me to take it easy for a couple days, drink plenty of fluids, keep it elevated when i can and call them next week if it worsens... let's hope it doesn't. being still. taking it easy. keeping my feet up. these are like death sentences to me.

it's so weird to wish that both ankles were swollen. THAT, is normal. whatever normal is... stay tuned.

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