Sunday, May 22, 2011

just kind of like, getting a feel for
what my bed might look like in a couple months
that's my little blind dog maggie, chilling beside the paper baby as she would a real baby.
now it's lily we have to worry about.
wonder if any of my readers have experience with bringing a baby home to a dog that has a major issue with kids?
lily = that dog. and i foresee poor little L getting nicked or chomped when he tries to play with the fluffy moving white toy staring at him. i know a lot of you would be livid. i've heard of people that have gotten rid of such dogs, but lily is going on 14 years old, and she's been tugged on to the point of tears by a feisty child a few too many times. her tolerance is nil. and i love the stuffing out of lily. so... my thoughts are, just keep them as separated as possible. and pray lily feels differently about my own little wee one. fat chance though. again, LOVE to hear your experiences. PLEASE log in & leave your comments below. in other news...
L's door is now proper labeled in plaid.
how's that for major? ;-) stay tuned for my hospital tour post, coming up tomorrow. HOLY COW.

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  1. I love the pic of Maggie and the magazine baby on your fancy new bed. : )