Monday, May 16, 2011

i think it's safe to say,
i'm starting to feel miserable.

i suppose the timing is right, i'll be 30 weeks this friday.
sitting upright feels awkward, no, make that
flat out uncomfortable, miss sitting cross-legged (formerly known as Indian style, when we weren't so PC), i miss crossing my legs. I'm utterly sick of the bathroom at both my house and place of work because i'm spending far too much time in each. the middle-of-the-night desperate dashes to the loo are growing more frequent. my ribs ache, especially in the afternoon, when i wish i could have the lower two on each side removed before HE removes them for me. and you know about that little bout with my ankle last week. i feel ridiculously rundown (which makes sense, i just learned L's sucking up all my iron) and and and... yeah, it's my blog and i'll bitch if i want to. i know. i know. i never had to hug the toilet. my nose still looks the same and so far my shoe size hasn't gone up. yeah, yeah, i've foregone a lot of the "joys" others of you have been subjected to on this 40 week journey, and i KNOW it's all for a fabulous, beautiful, darling little cause. but i want to hit fast forward.
i want to catapult myself into the next phase of fun, which a lot of you have already begun to describe to me in sometimes
graphic detail. at that point, as horrid as it some of the new set of physical oddities might be, at least i'll have baby L here to enjoy.
thanks for allowing me this rant.
am going to make up for it with beautiful little shower photos, OK?

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