Sunday, May 22, 2011

namely because my imagination is VIVID.
and going there was going to activate it.
just kept picturing myself there THAT DAY.
and how freaked out i'm going to be.
and how i have NO idea what to expect, no one really does.
Truly expected to hear women freaking out the moment we entered the maternity wing of the hospital. but all we really saw were dads. happy, exhausted, shell shocked dads. new moms must have been tucked away in their rooms with new babies. freaking out (if they're anything like me). holy surreal.
very very vocal breast feeding advocate guide told us the hospital food at THIS hospital is REALLY good. that her parents ASK to come & eat there.
my 1st question: we CAN bring in our own eats, right?
then the tour chick took us into a typical room. sure, i've been in one of these rooms prior, but not with the purpose of seeing where i myself would be soon. i hadn't taken note of the style of bed in such a room (yeah those aren't arm rests). the rolling baby bed, any of it.
and speaking of that baby bed, she seemed to think we shouldn't use it all that much while there. that we should have the baby laying on us for temperature regulation almost ALL the time. somebody is going to be CRABBY if that's the case. yes, yes, in love. but CRABBY.
the tour guide said they'd gone out of their way to make such rooms homey and hotel like. uh, WHAT hotel? putty walls aren't homey, lady. nor is one piece of horribly framed "art". at least there was a window. i'd die without a window.
she said on average, we'd be in the delivery room 12-15 hours at most. then, once all was totally stable, moved to a regular room in the maternity ward.
give birth the natural, horrifically scary way- you're in for 48 hours.
legitimately surgical c-section birth? 72 hours.
does that time fly by?
or will we be scratching the walls, dying to get out
and begin our new normal?


  1. Trust me it flies by! I never really wanted either of my kiddos away from me while I was there. I went with them for the hearing tests and the baths, ect. And I had c-sections! Walking is the worst the first couple days! But let me tell you! If you have to, ask one of the nurses to stay in the room with the baby while you shower or get anything that you want to do done. You will be exaughsted! I tried so hard to stay awake and do everything to the point where I would fall asleep mid- sentence! Enjoy your stay at the hospital as much as you can. Not that it will be hard when you get home with a baby but that you NEED to rest. Don't rush things. Don't rush any of it! My youngest turns 1 in two months! And with him I let things be. Or tried. and I still miss it. Every bit! You will be fine! Don't worry! :)

  2. thank you for your thoughts, loganchelsea, i'm totally torn. part of me is like "yes yes yes you need that hospital time to recoup and gain strength for the new challenges ahead, + access to nurses with years of experience" but the other half of me ABHORS hospitals and wants OUT OUT OUT asap. guess we'll see how it all goes. in just 9-ish short weeks. YIKES! :-)