Thursday, May 19, 2011

Good Lord this makes me feel better.
Even though it's a little gross.
all told, that's 27 1/2 pounds,
what a fabulous thing to stumble upon in a mag
i haphazardly picked up at the doctor's office.
you gotta love that
stored fat and fluid retention
are factored in.
those lbs have absolutely nothing to do with

chocolate chip cookies

and chocolate-covered marzipan. nope, they sure don't.
and L thanks me on the regular for gobbling up such, by
putting on a little dance in there
within minutes of me indulging.
just thought this little diagram was interesting
& worth sharing for those behind me
forced to step upon a scale & watch it climb
almost mysteriously for 40 weeks straight.

1 comment:

  1. What a gooey breakdown. Blech! But it would make me happy to see if I were pregnant, too! So happy that my little nephew loves marzipan like we do. :) xoxo, Aunt Cheech