Friday, May 20, 2011

i just bought tickets to a show
errr, make that a festival. on august 25th.
let's take a moment to do some simple math.
due date: july 29th.
festival date, as stated: august 25th.
that makes L just shy of 4 weeks old if L is
on time, as all (more than 1/2) germans
should be...
but. you. just. never. know.
does that make me certifiable? perhaps.
but world, music is my heart.
and while i KNOW my life is on the verge
of being drastically turned upside down,
i have to TRY to still be me.
to still fuel my passions.

and, well, i already need a babysitter.
for a child not yet born.
on a weekday.
self sabotage, anyone?
we'll see how this pans out...
hopefully, like 15 years from now,
teenager L is going to think his mom
was pretty cool for going to a dance music festival
super shortly after he was born.
after all, he'll know that he DID go to Ultra when
he was a 5 1/2 month old fetus.

go ahead, tell me i'm nuts.
i'm prepared.


  1. you're not nuts! he's lucky to have a cool mom like you! it'll be perfect timing... couple weeks, need a breather before you rip your hair out.. just so long as your rested up enough!

  2. thank you little sis. i pray you and i both are right, 'cuz that's my thinking.