Tuesday, May 17, 2011

the only reason i know how pregnant i am.

when someone asks me how far along i am they must think i'm an idiot. i generally just sit there and stare back at them, unsure. if i'm online i go to this one site that tells me with these little tickers. no it's not "pregnancy brain". that concept annoys me. i've never been good at telling you how long ago something happened, what day of the month it is, etc. 40 weeks are A LOT of weeks to keep track of.
time's flying AND dragging. it's the strangest thing.
at the same time i feel so ready AND ill prepared.
& we ARE taking a tour of the hospital this sunday evening, so i kid you not, i'm proud i got that scheduled. so wish i could take a xanax before said tour. ;-) something tells me it's going to make me freak out and realize how very real all of this is... and i ABHOR hospitals.
L's punching me right now, he knows i'm loosely talking about him.
feeeeeels awesome.

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