Friday, May 27, 2011

today i'm 31 weeks.
today i'm not entirely thrilled i gained another 3 lbs.
there's a certain number in my head, that if i creep up to, i'll need a straight jacket.
i'm healthy, baby is healthy. all that is important.
i know i know i know.
but the scale is my bloody nemesis.
my other bloody nemesis, a greater one, by leaps & bounds?
my dear dear mom's poor luck when it comes to health.
as if she didn't have ENOUGH on her plate battling the utterly B.S. disease that is
she's been in the hospital now, for a week dealing with gall stones and two gall bladder related surgeries that have been so hard on her. as anyone can imagine, this weighs extremely hard on me. if you're a pray-er. please pray for her. whatEVER it is you do, to lift a person up, please do it!
i thank you from the bottom of my heart.
in other fun new symptom news... the second my stomach nears hunger i get heartburn! and must, like a bat out of hell, find something snacky to pop in my mouth. this should work wonders where the scale is concerned. grrr.
CONVERSELY, having met with my other ob/gyn doctor yesterday, i've been given the green light to KEEP WORKING OUT. nothing crazy of course, but staying active, as i've been born to do, is GOOD GOOD GOOD and encouraged. post-appointment last night, the german and i took a nice long beach walk. i don't putz down the shore either. i MOVE. and it feels GOOD. and i am SO HAPPY this is encouraged. as are my ipod-blasting treadmill walks. YAY. she also said i've had such an unremarkable pregnancy, which, in this case, is awesome to hear. i truly prefer remarkable in everything else, but in as far as this goes. that's good. here's hoping it stays that way!
happy long weekend to you all.

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