Monday, June 13, 2011

Be(ad) Near Me
Remember how, at my 2nd baby shower, I collected charms and beads from my sparkling faves to create a necklace I could wear on D-day to feel like all my dearest were there with me? I called it the "I'm scared, come with me" project. Well. In the thick of my 2nd cold of this pregnancy, it dawned on me, like a jolt of lightning, how to combine all the fab pieces I'd acquired into one killer strand. I used a super durable and stretchy clear .7 mm cord and supplemented all the charms and pendants with semiprecious
stone beads. Voila!
it's love.
And it's coming with me.
Eeeeek, in like 6+ weeks.


  1. Not only is it meaningful, it also looks bada$$. oh wait- am i allowed to say that on Liam's blog? ;) Awesome Sunlovey!

  2. Such a great and beautiful idea, I love the scale of it too! Beautiful!

  3. thank you all, it just might be my fave necklace ever ever ever. will ALWAYS cherish & love.