Tuesday, June 7, 2011

i should have a sign on the door of one of the bathroom stalls at work, a dressing room style sign. i live in there. the moment i've washed my hands and exited i'm thinking, gosh, i could probably go again. THIS. IS. RIDICULOUS. baby L, you torture my bladder. still love ya!



  1. No fun, EH???? Shame on you for your insensitive comments to me re: my complaining to my OB during Luke's pregnancy! Thou shall NOT judge a pregnant woman!!!! Especially in the summer months in Florida.

    I was such a zombie when preg with Carter that 3x during my pregnancy I 'came to' while peeing in the men's bathroom. Didn't notice the urinals when I walked in??? Seriously?? I mean, the kinda stand out. Only noticed when I was washing my hands at the sink with a man washing his next to me. Props to him for washing his hands though...

  2. wait wait wait, refresh my memory, my insensitive comments re: your complaining to OB during luke's pregnancy? ha! when the heck was this?

    wow, re: wandering into the men's room several times, closest i've come to that is convincing an old man at lantana beach that HE was in the ladies' room. he argued. i was right. weener.