Thursday, June 30, 2011

Because it's all beautifully organized thanks to a weekend with my Tampa BFF, Steph who's a major virgo (she claims this explains her stellar organizational skills). Something tells me that upon Liam's arrival it won't look like this anymore. Heck. Before Liam's arrival, even. The German & I are organizationally flawed. Anyway, we washed and dried a thousand little things. Things we both were a bit perplexed by. (What is this for? How is this different from that?) Things I found so adorable and wondered what they'd look like post-spit up and projectile poop. We stocked up the fun little Ikea shelf above the diaper changing table with all the little "goodies" I was told I couldn't live with out. Moms out there, please take extra time staring at that photo and let me know if you see it's missing anything vital.
We made sure we sought out saline solution, even though we both had no idea what orifice it was to go in (I think I do now, though—up the nose? Salt water!? Ouch!)
It's going to be so weird, a few months from now, when all of this is second nature. When the mystery shrouding babies and parenthood goes away... Can you believe I have little toy cars in my house? I can't. The shades... well, that's another story. L needs A LOT MORE of those to keep up with his mommy in sunny South Florida!

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