Tuesday, June 28, 2011

his side of the equation.
thus far, as i've been growing this child and experiencing all the hiccups related to that, the german's roll has revolved around putting stuff together, carrying heavy stuff upstairs to L's room, installing a myriad of things, oh & putting up with my ever-changing hormones.
but all that is about to change. big time.
once little L gets here, we'll both be thrown into parenthood head first, and a plethora of new rolls will suddenly be tossed upon us. last night i read a blog post by
joanna goddard that truly struck a chord where a man's roll in baby raising is concerned. her husband, alex "guest blogged" his 8 confessions of being a new dad. the second i finished reading the post i hit "share" & sent it to the german. i hope it sheds a little light for him on what he can expect in the coming months. and that no matter how hard it is, there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. the post helped me in that way as well. i have so much love for those that share about their experiences in all aspects of life honestly and candidly. candy coating is for candy, people. be raw and real. anyway, check out joanna's blog and her hubby's post right now, ok? thanks.

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  1. I liked that blog! I felt disconnected when I had Carter. He scared the crap out of me!!! And it was an ENORMOUS reality check. But, as the days went on, I found myself not only taking to him, I was completely obsessed with him! Full blown love! And I completely agree with the 9 month mark. Luke didn't sleep through the night til 9 months and it's still touch and go! Don't babies have so much crap? Gosh, I take a full bag of baby stuff to the thrift store at least 1x a month.