Sunday, June 12, 2011

<--- which best describes you?
see, on the not quite a parent yet side of the equation, it drives me a little bit nuts to see all of my beautiful friends' faces replaced by equally beautiful (but NOT THEIRS) baby & kid faces. i -think- i get it, like the instant a baby's born. or the occasional photo of your child when they've accomplished something monumental. but 24/7, no more you? that's kinda weird. i noticed it most the other day when i saw a facebook post notifying me that a friend of mine was now friends with 'jane doe and five other people'. five out of six of her new friends were under the age of one?really?! i think i'm going to be in that 29%, photos of both me AND my little L together. i guess we shall see, but hmmm, i do miss my dear friends' faces...


  1. If you think it's bad that a facebook photo has been hijacked, wait til L hijacks your life!

  2. For me, I do it b/c I haven't looked/felt 100% post-baby... but you can't feel bad about how cute your little one (s) is (are)!