Thursday, June 23, 2011

my latest super fun little gripes
just for you...

#1 area just below my sternum is my sudden enemy: BLOODY OUCH. What the HELL. At 1st it was my right rib cage, which was annoying and occasionally a little painful, but in the last couple days the issue has moved left, just slightly and is tender and on the verge of brutal. Hadn't heard about this one. Why do i get all the weird symptoms? (remember those incessant nose bleeds?)

#2 i think i just threw up in my mouth a little bit: Yeah, gross. Super gross. And again, something new & out of the blue. Going on about my day and BAM!, it happens. I needn't go into any kind of detail. It is what it is. And I don't dig it, at all.

#3 (& probably related to #2) BURNING SURGING FIERY heartburn: OK, so this could be my fault to some degree. I dig acidic food big time. Spices, tomatoes, onions, garlic, citrus, etc. etc. And suddenly, my fun little body is telling me it hates it and punishing me for having such. Mild food is blah though. Seems I'm going to need to stick with it for a bit and see if it helps. I have had heartburn once or twice earlier on but not on the regular like I am now. Grrrr.

#4 Asleep hands: Yep, another odd one. And happening more often than not, I wake up in the middle of the night and/or in the morning with hands that are TOTALLY asleep. And kind of throbbing. And I'm aware of said throbbing IN my sleep as I am having reoccurring dreams that my hands have swelled up like balloons. Anyone else ever experience this madness? Fun fun fun.

Well then... I believe that covers it for now (Except yeah, am still hitting the loo 1,000,000 times a day AND NIGHT). Or, am so ridiculously tired I can no longer think of the others. Yeah yeah, I'm going to be all the more tired when he gets here. BUT, he'll BE HERE, and I'll be able to sleep on my damned stomach when I actually can steal away for a bit of sleep. Tomorrow marks 35 weeks. Unbelievable really, and I must close in saying, on the whole, this ride hasn't been nearly as bad as I imagined it could be. Let's please alllllll start hoping the same for D-day. Thank you!

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  1. OH Sarah- sounds like a very similar pregnancy to mine!! 1. It's before you drop- literally pushing on your lungs/diaphram etc. 2. & 3. are related- Acid reflux. Happens the bigger you get and is related to a full head of hair on the baby. I had to take nexium 2x a day but maybe Zantac would kill the burn. It's AWFUL. Hope and pray you drop soon- will help with all three (#3 to a lesser extent) 4. Numb hands is THE WORST. I think my dr said it was related to swelling and prepare for it to get WAY worse after birth before it gets better. It is carpel tunnel and mine was so bad sometimes I had to look down to make sure I was still holding LUke cause my hands to elbows were entirely numb. I feel for you girl!!!