Friday, June 3, 2011

this is no joke.
A friend of a friend shared this hospital packing list with me.
Am currently mesmerized in massive ways by the organizational/planning skills of this list's creator. She is having a pool birth at the hospital so there ARE a couple things of that nature that aren't applicable to everyone. But a poster for the door!? Well that's dire. Hmmm, I'm kind of not joking. Had to look up "pretty pushers". And WOW, that's snazzy. Thought this list would be helpful to others like me who were born without any organizational/planning skills whatsoever.
(If it's fuzzy/blurry to you, just click on it and it should get bigger and more clear.)


  1. Who is this person, I must meet her? I love the organization! :)

  2. My favorite! Paper plate (to cover the clock) wow. Ha!

  3. man, gotta think of something cooler to cover the clock with! ha ha ha.