Tuesday, June 21, 2011

hmmm. well.
i searched through a vast sea of father's day cards for the one little father to be card they had. wrote a heartfelt and utterly fab message within, gave it to the german on sunday with love. watched him open it. watched him read it. then watched him stare, for some time, at the card's cover. felt happy. he generally doesn't take THIS much time with cards. then...
"there are penises
all OVER this card." he finally said aloud.
i was stunned. had no bloody idea what he meant.
i did not see this comment coming.
then he held the card out to me, "see! on the bottle, on the teddy bear..."
i stared long and hard, trying to decipher what he meant.
"oh, those! those are safety pins!" i said through tears, laughter and very little conviction.
eeek. they did look ridiculously phallic.
oh well, there's always next year, when he really IS a dad.


  1. That is hilarious! SO WISH I had been there for that. You should've told him it's because you're having a boy! So funny.

  2. I thought the same thing when I saw the card!!!
    How funny!!!
    I will say though, I do see a whole lot of penis throughout the day with 2 little boys.

  3. Ha! How did that card ever get through committee? Who made that thing, I might know who drew them... ? : D

  4. will look when i'm home jamey. was purchased at target, so does that mean it's american greetings most likely? it was THE ONLY father to be card they had...