Thursday, June 9, 2011

WEIGH IN please.
five-day old baby
on a beach walk.
pink did it.
let me know what you think.


  1. From everything I've read, it seems that taking your newborn outside in the fresh air is perfectly fine, it's when you take them to enclosed spaces with lots of people that it starts to get iffy...I say go for it! Unfortunately it's too hot here for us to take long walks outside but we'll see :)

  2. oh, yeah, that makes sense, fresh air is all good. thank you! it'll be hot as HELL here too when L gets here, but in the evening, more mild. so hopefully we can get him to the ocean for a walk beside the waves sooner than i thought.

  3. why not?? I mean at least its fresh air, soothing sounds, bacteria free.... better than bringing them in public!

  4. Outside is actually encouraged, especially if they have colic! I took Carter on walks aaaalllll the time when he was a baby and Luke was on a walk as soon as I could comfortably walk, which is about 4-5 days postpartum (and that was in July). Back at spin 3 weeks postpartum. Exercise will DRAMATICALLY help with hormones stabillization postpartum.

    When you are at the store or in enclosed spaces, just put a blanket over the entire carseat. Freaking old ladies ALWAYS shoving their hands in carseat to touch a new baby. With the blanket, the tempation is removed.

  5. i think it's a great idea. i mean, as long as there isn't a blizzard going on outside or anything. with my oldest we waited a couple weeks before we left the house. but when my youngest was four days old, we closed on a new house and had to bring him along.

  6. Thank you for weighing in! This is SUCH good news to me.

    Deanna, I live in South Florida so no blizzards here, will just have to wait until evening ours to get baby to the beach, as it will be blazing hot instead!