Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I KNOW 2 PUPS in for a SHOCK
i happen to know a pair of pups on the brink of a major rude awakening. there have been foreshadowing signs for each of them, but it's pretty safe to say foreshadowing is lost on your average dog.
lily has found herself plopped down into baby L's crib on numerous occasions. i'm quite certain she finds it comfortable and spacious but isn't fond of the fact that there is no exit.

additionally, the german decided to practice using a Velcro-closure swaddling wrap on lily two nights ago. this entailed her back legs being tucked into the pouch at the bottom and her front legs being wrapped and velcro-ed at the top. she let out a piercing warning of her hatred for this straight jacket-like contraption. worry not, she was not harmed, just pissed.

then there's maggie, our second maltese's most recent baby L-related experience. i just had an ultrasound this week, revealing little Liam's current position. the ultrasound revealed that L's head was to the right, just above my pelvic bone, his butt, all the way to the left near my waist and lastly his feet, all the way to the right, wedged into my rib area. like a "C". the german grabbed maggie last night, flipped her upside down and positioned her exactly as I've described, against himself, "so this is how liam is right now?" he asked. maggie had NO idea what the heck was happening. each of these two scenarios provided moi with much laughter. am i a bad mom already? ;-D

these two fluffy white girls have been the center of the universe for 10+ years. suddenly, their world is changing, just as much as ours. and i'm afraid that they have no idea what exactly is about to hit them. am certain of one thing though, there will be tales upon tales to come as liam meets and gets to know his two big (little) four-legged sisters.

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  1. Luckily, I think they'll fare far better than a certain pair of smelly hermit crabs from Topsail island : D