Monday, June 6, 2011

if i force myself to lie down more often, say, during non-sleep/daylight hours, will little liam's acrobatics and dance-a-thons go down in frequency during true sleep hours? weigh in won't ya? i've searched this subject & come out fruitless.

last night i got up (actually early this a.m., about 3:40 to be exact), per usual, to hit the loo. and upon returning to bed, L decided, as he did when i 1st went to bed, that it was show time. AGAIN. & for a good, long while. lurching and lunging. shimmying and swaying. this resulted in me waking up fully, as opposed to dreamily drifting back to sleep, as i sometimes manage to do. and that's when the dark demons that lurk in my mind awoke from their slumber too, unfortunately. thus, i watched the sun come up. and it wasn't one of those beautiful photo-worthy sun rises. instead it was dreadfully @#$!-inducing. i was going to have to face an already dreaded & abhorred monday with a whopping 3 1/2 hours of sleep. i didn't just wake up on the wrong side of the bed, i stayed awake on it, which is far worse.
insomnia is a b!tch. and people that know it super well truly dread anything that might trigger it. getting up to pee is definitely a trigger, but a rave 'til dawn baby on top of it, wow, that's some serious icing on the not so tasty cake.
i did read that right around now the little guy should be at his activity peak. shortly, as he experiences the growth spurt that prepares him for birth, he won't have room.
anyway, the photo above was taken shortly before i lied down for what i thought might be an OK night sleep. wish me luck tonight...


  1. Oh the dreaded insomnia. Yes, it is a familiar friend to me too. Try to see the positive; you don't require a lot of sleep to "function" (your half a## functioning is 99% more effective than most). And here's the kicker, Liam prob. won't require a lot of sleep either. My children don't... it is soooo annoying. I didn't sleep for both pregnancies and until they were about 9 months old. Sleep WHENEVER you can. If you need to take naps when you get home from work, do it. I got a ton(3 hours WHOA)in the mornings when Vince would take the baby from 5-8am. Exercise helps. Not the thing you want to be doing but it decreases the "wind-down" time. Also, benedryl helps. Wine ALWAYS helps. Wishing you some slumber tonight my friend.

  2. i remember when my insomnia was idle. now, it centers around my mom's illness. and THIS, is utter hell. i pray once liam is here i will have a happy waking focus. (not that she'll leave my mind) and i'll be all the more exhausted and thus CRASH hard. that 5-8am sleep is beautiful. i sleep the best in the a.m. am still exercising, just not as much. thank you for the wishes for slumber tonight. thank you so much.