Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hello 36 weeks.
i see you.
i'm scared of you.
you are screwing with my little bony feet.
(not looking so bony, more balloony, GROSS)
and holy hell are you wrecking continuous havoc on my hands too! the usually simple act of just brushing my teeth hurts my hands, heck it sends pain up through my wrist too. seriously. WTH.
(read about it, temporary carpel tunnel, no joke.)
otherwise, the fear stems from the fact that, well, i'm about to have a kid. i confessed to my hair stylist last night that it's quite possible i still don't believe it. and i damn sure can't picture it.
or, picture HIM rather. little L.
boat loads of WOW...

1 comment:

  1. You look SO fantastic!!!! I am with you. Didn't believe there was a baby til I saw him, twigs and berries and all! What a wonderful, sometimes unbelievable twist your life is about to take. Loving your blog!!
    p.s. Carpel tunnel is a b#$tch!!!!!