Thursday, June 2, 2011

No world, I do not suddenly have tourrettes syndrome.
I'm sporadically uttering exasperated $#@%'s here & there as my insides are being bullied by a very small being. I -know- I look crazy, sound crazy. But if YOU only knew. And again, friends with kids, you never ever accurately described what was going on in there as you grew your little ones. "Oh! He/she's kicking!" doesn't quite cut it. Leave it to my former coworker, Carrie, though, she fully divulged that her son was annihilating her rib cage 'til the very end. I sent her a text last night letting her know that I was and AM being tortured in the same way. It's pretty amazing. Laying flat on my back for 20 minutes or so is too, perhaps more so. No joke, it's like an alien is in there, watching my stomach stretch and roll and take new forms. Utterly insane.

In other news... being a fashion hoarder has def. paid off these last 32 weeks. i've purchased two pairs of maternity shorts and one pair of maternity jeans. the rest, i've found in my very own closet (or purchased as i stumbled upon a fab find, per usual). Flowy tunics, A-line dresses, stretchy knits and leggings have reigned supreme through this entire pregnancy. That's not to say i won't be buying moo moos at Walgreens and Publix here very soon. ;-)

The home stretch is full of tons of "fun things". Including fear. Truly can't wait to meet the cause of all this chaos...

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  1. Oh Sarah! There is SO MUCH that has not been accurately described to you!!! But, I am not gonna be the one that bursts the bubble. Liam is gonna do that!!! Do love the blog though... so glad I am on the other end. :)
    However, no words can describe the new, intense feeling of true love that you will experience. WORTH EVERY PAIN.