Saturday, June 11, 2011

Womb for Rent
As i sit here this Saturday morning watching (he can make my laptop quite literally bounce on my lap) and feeeeeeeeeling Liam shift and flip and dance about inside me, it begs an interesting question. What WILL it be like to have my insides vacated? Am i going to miss this? Does a person even have a second to think of missing it? Is that why some find themselves in depression post-birth? Because right now I'm looking so very forward to it. But like so many things in life, once something is behind you, you find yourself looking back and missing it... Thoughts?


  1. I love the pun" post title" Sarah! You raise some interesting questions, somebody out there has to have some insight on. Sadly, I cannot help you out there but if you want me to draw up a little spot to accompany this post - holler away! ; )

  2. sure, you occasionally miss the baby being inside you, but, in my case, I was THRILLED to have the baby out!!! You can finally sleep on your stomach again and other fun things you never realized you took for granted! Then, your boobs become your baby's (if you choose to breastfeed). There is a HUGE hormone change right after birth so be prepared that you probably aren't gonna be yourself right away. Just a week or so of weepiness or extra sensitivity. Just sayin' cause NOBODY was kind enough to inform me of this prior to it happening. And, maybe you won't have any of it. Some people are just like that. But for me, it was a few days (4 or so) postpartum, started feeling xtra sensitive and would cry at the STUPIDEST of things. Like PMS on crack. Anyhow dear, these things are natural and normal and your little peanut makes all the troubles worth it. Only 6 or so more weeks, right?? My little Luke is 1 on 7/16. Where did the time go...