Tuesday, June 21, 2011

gallery as nursery.
so my turn the nursery into an art gallery idea, featuring those i know already love liam and those i know he too will love has become perhaps, one of the BEST ideas i've ever ever had. and kids, i'm an idea factory, no joke.

but, give creative people a theme and a loose color scheme and prepare to be amazed. i'm in love, utter and total, with every single handcrafted piece i've received.
this past weekend i finally got my own mom's creation. completed by her just a couple short months ago, it will forever be my utmost favorite of them all. she crafted it with the most love am positive, but also amidst
battling ALS. familiarize yourself with ALS and know, this wasn't the easiest of tasks. and yet it's adorable, unique, amazing.
thank you mom, i love you!
so so much.
and again, thank you to the rest of you that have made Liam's room one-of-kind, and those that continue to work on projects for it. you guys own my heart. and will own his too.


  1. I love your Mom's artwork. It's beautiful, the paint looks like it has texture! What did she use to tie the Liam plate to the moon? Your Mom is so creative and talented. LOVE