Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i think this is what you were all waiting for...
i'll be 35 weeks on friday. yep, home stretchhhhhhhh. what were you doing in preparation at 35 weeks? do tell...
OH, so last night i wandered in to the future L's little room & found myself gliding away in the plush baby blue glider. for a long time. dozing almost. my dog lily on the bear rug/pillow/blanket thing on the floor beside me. and i thought to myself, this is awesome. i could sleep here. and something tells me i'm going to. weird.


  1. you have DEFO popped!!! Now, hope and pray you drop (familiarize yourself with dropping). Drop= possibly having body back to self (so to speak). Had Carter 2 weeks early. I can only hope you are as lucky!!! Lookin GREAT girlie!!!

  2. YAY! How did you guess? It IS what I've been waiting for. ;) Seriously, I only wish I could have a pregnancy like yours. Something tells me I would swell like a Macy's Thanksgiving Day float!!!